Italian cosmetic excellence meets the power of probiotics

What really matters is not clear on the outside, it is something deeper.

At the heart of naturally beautiful skin, there is a healthy skin microbiome.

 All our products contain prebiotic & probiotic: the key to rebalancing the complex bacterial ecosystem of the skin and supporting regeneration and strengthening of the skin barrier.

Discover the Synbiotic Technology and after only 10 days of treatment:

  • the natural shield of your skin will be repaired and will come back stronger, ready to defend the skin again from external threats;
  • the skin bacterial flora will regain balance and it will can againg helps the skin to activate the defense mechanisms.

The result?

More hydrated and glowing skin.

In a word: healthy


In last years dermocosmetic science has paid particular attention to the study of SKIN MICROBIOME and its interactions with the skin.

It has turned out that the set of microorganisms present in our skin plays a really important role both in solving skin problems and in slowing down the aging process.


"The products of the ideal skin care routine are counted on the fingers of the hand. Purifies with Naturalmila probiotics."

"Probiotic skincare, the new frontier.Among the products not to be missed is the Naturalmila Rebalancing cleansing probiotic gel."

"One of the most famous product on the net is the Naturalmila probiotic face cream. It is a natural cream that is effective even in the presence of acne, dermatitis and irritation."

Why is it so important to take care of the skin microbiome?

A good and well balanced microbiome is equivalent to a STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM.

  • FEED your good bacteria and raise your skin's defense level
  • RESTORE balance and rediscover well-being
  • STRENGTHEN the skin barrier and keep your skin naturally hydrated
  • CALM irritation and inflammation
  • PROTECT skin from enemy attacks


Mila S.r.l has its presence in skin & hair healthcare domain since 1973, with their state-of-art manufacturing facilities in Europe (Italy).


Founded in the mid 70s Mila S.r.l. gained outstanding experience in formulation, development, production, packaging of a wide range of cosmetic products.


Certification UNI EN ISO 22716 provides a comprehensive approach for a quality management system.

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