“A-Z Ingredients”  

For the "Naturalmila" team, naturalness is understood as transparency and ethics towards ourselves and towards our customers. We therefore consider it essential to explain in detail what we have used for the formulation of our 100% Synbiotic products (Pre + Probiotics).

Bovine colostrum

active ingredient with high nourishing, oxygenating and restorative properties, suitable for asphyxiated and dull skin;

Biomimetic keratin

this particular keratin very similar to the natural keratin of the hair, it binds to it in particular where damaged, closing the scales and making the hair smooth and protected. Volume and lightness effect

Burdock extract

dermopurifying vegetable extract, controls the formation of the sebum, normalizing it;

Borage oil

rich in phytoestrogens and omega 6 with a hair bulb invigorating action;


natural derivation substance with immediate lifting effect;


active antiseptic with targeted action;


natural active ingredient dermo-similar, makes the skin more compact;

Evening Primrose oil

active ingredient with anti-wrinkle action rich in omega 6;

Fruit- oligosaccharides

known as FOS, extracted from fruits and vegetables, they are fibers that nourish the "good" bacterial flora favoring its development and activity to the detriment of "bad" pathogens

Fruit acids

fruit extracts with strong keratolytic properties, able to remove dead epithelial cells favoring a quick change;

Green Tea Extract

rich in caffeine with a stimulating action; 

Green ventilated clay

very pure green clay with a purifying and absorbing action;

Hyaluronic acid

natural molecule obtained from bacterial fermentation with a strongly hydrating and protective action of the epidermis;

Horse Chestnut Extract

performs a valid action to protect the periocular microcirculation;

Luminescent mica

mineral substance with illuminating action;

Lemon essential oil

deeply purifies the skin and normalizes the secretion of the sebum;

Marine collagen

fundamental constituent of the cellular matrix, favors the dead cells epithelial renewal; it also has a protective film-forming action

Moringa extract

plant considered miraculous in India, from which the extract is obtained with a purifying and anti-pollution action. Neutralizes contact with aggressive external skin agents.

Mallow extract

with a soothing and lenitive action;

Mallow and marigold mucilages

highly soothing and calming concentrated extracts; suitable for sensitive skin that reddens easily;

Mix of plant stem cells and anti-fall strengthening extracts

this active principle based on 3 different actions:

  1. plant stem cells from the vine (vitis vinifera) having a beneficial effect on local microcirculation and also an excellent antioxidant effect;
  2. walnut extract with strong antioxidant action, in particular on UV rays;
  3. rocket extract. It is able to stimulate endogenous production in glutathione cells which is a very strong anti oxidant, therefore it stimulates the cellular self protection

Probiotic Complex

based on probiotic technology, it positively influences both the speed and the quality of the epidermal growth. Promotes the production of proteins and enzymes essential for improving the quality of the skin by stimulating the renewal processes;


pool of extracts rich in fiber and vitamins extracted from the apple (pyrus malus) and from the chickpeas (cicer arietinum). They have antioxidant capacities, nourish the bacterial flora of the skin helping to reconstruct the natural and fundamental presence of "friendly" skin microorganisms;

Propolis Extract

natural active ingredient with stimulating action of the immune system; normalizes the epidermis limiting atopic irritations of the skin;


It has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and skin-purifying properties, and is able to restore skin stability by reducing the formation of oily dandruff and rebalancing the production of skin sebum;


Vitamin B5 with protective and moisturizing action of skin and hair;

Pure Cellulose Fiber

a natural sebum-absorbing substance useful to improve the mat effect of the oily skin. After the use, it also leaves a feeling of soft and velvety skin.

Rice starch

has an astringent and absorbing action on the pores

Red Vine Extract

it acts on the skin microcirculation improving the spraying of the bulb.

Shea Butter

nourishes and protects the skin making it more elastic and velvety;

Sodium PCA

substance with a marked moisturizing activity;

Soybean oil

rich in phytoestrogens, excellent natural anti-wrinkle;


energizing and invigorating bulb and hair;

Titanium dioxide

has a soothing and absorbing action; "mat" effect;

Urea and Panthenolo

A winning combination for maximum hydration, softness and relief for dry skin;

Unsaponifiable Olive Oil

it has an emollient and nourishing action; keeps the skin soft and supple;

Vitamin A

dermoprotective, promotes skin regeneration;

Vitamin C

natural antioxidant that promotes normal cellular metabolism;

Vitamin E

antioxidant, prevents premature aging of the skin;

Vitamins B6 and H

proteins involved in the metabolism of the hair bulb, necessary for its proper functioning;

Washing micro-emulsion

vegetable origin gentle cleaning agents , able to clean and moisturize the skin at the same time, thanks to the presence of micro-emulsifying vegetable oils.

Watercress Extract

rich in vitamins and minerals, they nourish the hair bulb;

Wheat proteins

protein fraction with protective and elasticizing action on the skin;


freeze-dried pre-biotic extract containing milk proteins, promotes "good bacteria" metabolic activities increase.It also has excellent film-forming capacity and makes the hair soft and soft

Zinc oxide

normalizes and protects the treated part;